Shelter in Place


What does it mean to shelter in place?

  • Sheltering in place occurs during a weather-related incident that may pose a threat to campus safety
  • Please note: sheltering in place is NOT the same as Lockdown, which will be used in the event of an active shooter situation, chemical release, bomb threat, or tornado
  • During a shelter in place, the basic essentials for the welfare, care, safety, and security of our students and essential personnel who remain on campus are our priority
  • We also encourage students living off-campus to activate their personal shelter-in-place plans

How long will the shelter in place last?

  • Remain patient. When campus is closed for a shelter-in-place event, access and movement around campus may be restricted for your safety. 
  • When we shelter in place, access to campus may be restricted, hours of operation for some university offices and buildings may be limited, and students who live on campus may need to remain in their residence halls for a certain amount of time as a safety precaution
  • Your RA will notify when you can move around campus. Off-campus students should look for official university messaging to know when a shelter-in-place event has ended. 

Does this mean all classes are cancelled?

  • This depends on the situation. Some factors that may influence class cancellation include professor preference, online course schedule, etc.
  • The Provost will communicate when classes will be cancelled. This information will also be posted on the university's emergency wepage. 
  • You should also check Canvas for announcements from your professors about possible syllabus adjustments

How do I prepare for shelter in place?

  • Be sure to have non-perishable food, bottled water, flashlights & batteries or glowsticks, and any medications that you may need in your residence hall room or off-campus residences
  • If you have a pet or service animal, be sure to have enough food, water, and any necessary medications for them as well
  • You should have enough supplies to last several days

What else should I do to prepare?

  • Make sure that your phone, laptop, and other devices are fully charges in the event of a power outage
  • You should also keep on-hand a portable power bank to recharge your devices
  • You should also have cash on-hand, in case there is a power outage and you are unable to use your credit or debit cards

Will I still be able to eat on campus?

  • The Commons will remain open, though likely with reduced hours, and with a limited menu
  • Be sure to have any food that you may prefer or need in case you get hungry during a period when the Commons is closed due to the event

How can I stay informed?

  • Be sure to check for updated on official university social media pages, email, and the Tulane emergency website
  • Tulane will inform you when the shelter-in-place event is over


For more information about sheltering in place at Tulane University, please watch this video