City-Assisted Evacuation

If you do not have the ability to evacuate during a mandatory evacuation, you may seek help via the City of New Orleans’ City-Assisted Evacuation plan.

City-Assisted Evacuation supports those in Orleans Parish who cannot self-evacuate when the city declares a mandatory evacuation. The plan utilizes 17 Evacuspots that transports to State or Federal shelters.

Text EVACNOLA to 77295 if you may need to utilize City-Assisted Evacuation or fill out this Evacuspot Survey.

To find your nearest Evacuspot, use the Evacuspot Locator via NOLA Ready.

For more information about City-Assisted Evacuation, consult this guide from NOLA Ready:


NOLA Ready Guide to Hurricanes


Find Your Closest Evacuspot map

Note: Please be aware if contraflow alters your route when finding an Evacuspot or evacuating the city


Special Needs Registry

The special needs registry informs the City of New Orleans about who would potentially require additional assistance during an emergency. Sign up for NOLA Ready’s registry if you:

  • Require life support systems, such as oxygen, a respirator, a ventilator, dialysis, a pacemaker, or are insulin dependent
  • Have difficulty walking, moving around, or have a prosthesis
  • Are blind, deaf, hearing impaired, or have difficulty seeing
  • Have speech, developmental, or mental health disabilities
  • Utilize service animals

Special Needs Registry


Pet owners using City-Assisted Evacuation should:

  • Bring your pet’s ID collar, registration information, adoption papers, medications, sanitation materials, and a carrier
  • Bring additional food and water for your pet
  • Be aware that larger pets (over 20 pounds) will be transported to the Union Passenger Terminal by LSPC
  • Understand that your pet will be transported to an animal shelter near your shelter location

Additional information for pet owners can be found at: