Considerations for your Personal Evacuation Plan

1.    Consider where you’ll go if an evacuation is required
  • Recommend at least 250 miles away from a storm and preferably inland (so don’t go to Galveston if the storm is heading to Lafayette)
  • Where will you stay? (with family, friends, a hotel? – if a hotel, make the reservation as soon as you decide to evacuate and pay in advance so your room can’t be given away)
2.    How will you get there?
  • Airplane (if you’re flying buy your ticket before you get to the airport; get to the airport well in advance of your flight because lines will be long!)
  • Drive (are you driving yourself? Riding with family? Riding with friends?)    

    -TIP: keep your car gas tank filled at least 50% throughout hurricane season, that way you can at least get out of town before needing to fill up

3.    What will you take?
  • Clothes
  • Important documents (school ID, govt issued IDs, passport, utility bills, important records [like birth certificates])
  • If driving, non-perishable food and water (for you and your pets!) to last several days (remember, the drive could take much longer than you think if you are leaving at the same time as everyone else!)
  • Medicines (for family members and your pets!)
  • Homework/Work documents 
  • Electronic devices use for school work (computer, iPad, tablet, etc.) and their chargers
  • Backup batteries for your devices/power banks
  • Emergency contacts on an index card (in case your phone dies so you’ll still have people’s names, phone numbers, addresses)
  • First aid kit
  • Jewelry (watches, necklaces, etc.)
  • Can’t live without items (favorite photos, stuffed animals, etc.)

Additional recommendations can be found here: Emergency Go-Bag

4.    How will you stay in touch with people?
  • Set a time to check in with family and friends 
5.    How will you stay tuned in with what’s happening in NOLA?
  • Download local news apps on your phone and activate their alerts/notifications
  • Sign up for NOLA Ready text alerts


If you don’t have the ability to self-evacuate, please refer to the City-Assisted Evacuation page