Fire Procedure

What You Should Do:

  1. If you discover a fire, remember the acronym ESCAPE:
    • E: Evaluate the situation
    • S: Secure the immediate area by removing personnel
    • C: Close the doors to the room or area
    • A: Activate the building fire alarm
    • P: Phone TUPD that there is an emergency
    • E: Extinguish the fire, if possible.
  2. If you smell or see smoke or fire, activate the nearest fire alarm if the alarm is not activated automatically.
  3. Call the Tulane Police emergency line. Tulane Police Emergency Numbers are:
    1. Tulane National Primate Center Police emergency: 985-871-6411
    2. Tulane Downtown Campus Police emergency: 504-988-5555
    3. Tulane Uptown Campus Police emergency: 504-865-5911
    4. Other Campuses: Call 911.
  4. Tell the TUPD dispatcher your name and give the exact location of the fire and any other relevant information.
  5. Do not attempt to fight the fire yourself unless you have been trained in the use of firefighting equipment it is safe to do so.
  6. Evacuate the building, close doors behind you to contain the fire and proceed to the assembly area designated in the building's Emergency Action Plan (EAP). Exit via stairwells only. Do NOT attempt to use elevators.
  7. Exit quickly and calmly; do not attempt to take anything with you.
  8. Assist disabled persons or other who may need assistance. If you cannot assist others direct emergency personnel to them.
  9. Do not let the fire and heavy smoke come between you and an exit. Choose an alternate route if fire and heavy smoke are in your path.
  10. If caught in heavy smoke, take short breaths, crouch down or crawl as close to the floor and wall as possible.
  11. If the fire or smoke keeps you from exiting the building, go to a room far away from the fire, shut the door, open or break a window and signal for help by waving an article of clothing or making loud noises. If possible, try to seal the bottom of the door with an article of clothing (jacket, etc.) to prevent smoke from entering the room.
  12. Return to the building only when an "all clear" message has been issued by TUPD or other emergency personnel.
  13. How emergency personnel will respond:
    1. TUPD will dispatch an officer to the scene and will notify Facilities Services.
    2. Once the actual fire or fire alarm is resolved, TUPD will give the "all clear" to re-enter the building or give other directions.