Hurricane Preparedness

Hurricane Season begins June 1 and ends November 30. The peak of the season is from August through October.

It is imperative that students, faculty, and staff develop a personal evacuation plan, are ready to implement a strategy when a storm threatens the New Orleans area, and remain informed about the university’s announcements and instructions.

Living with the threat of a serious hurricane is part of living in New Orleans. Because our first concern is for the safety of our students and employees, Tulane university has emergency plans and teams in place if a storm approaches the New Orleans area. We plan ahead in conjunction with local, parish, and state emergency officials.

If a hurricane is coming towards New Orleans, Tulane will communicate whether the university plans to shelter-in-place or evacuate. A university-declared evacuation requires all students to enact their personal evacuation plan to leave New Orleans. A city-declared evacuation requires everyone in New Orleans to leave the city. If an evacuation has been declared by the city or the university, no students or employees are permitted to shelter or remain on any of Tulane's campuses except designated critical personnel. A shelter-in-place protocol requires all students to remain in their residence halls or apartments. Off-campus students must shelter in their apartments, not in on-campus spaces. Students should feel empowered to enact their personal evacuation plans even when the university is planning to shelter-in-place. Fill out your evacuation plan here: Fill Out Your Personal Evacuation Plan.


Watch the videos below to learn more about shelter-in-place and evacuation protocols at Tulane University.

Stay Informed

When a hurricane or tropical storm threatens New Orleans, the University will activate the Tulane Alert Line to provide faculty, staff, students, and parents with up-to-date information on storm progress, instructions regarding campus preparations, announcements about closing and reopening of University offices, and other relevant instructions. In addition, the Tulane emergency website will be updated with vital information.

Tulane's Emergency Website:

In addition to our resources, please consult NOLA Ready for more information on hurricane preparedness measures.

Considerations for your Personal Evacuation Plan

Fill Out Your Personal Evacuation Plan

Preparing for the Storm

After the Storm

City-Assisted Evacuation