Responding to the Storm

Whenever a hurricane threatens New Orleans, Tulane's campuses will close and an evacuation order may be issued by Tulane. It is critical that you monitor the Tulane Alert Line and the Tulane emergency website and follow all instructions issued by the Tulane administration. When responding to any evacuation order, you should seek shelter outside of the city.

Please note that NO ONE will be allowed to use Tulane University or Tulane University health sciences campus buildings as a storm shelter if an evacuation order is given. No students, faculty, and staff will be allowed to remain on campus in the event of a University evacuation.

Use your prearranged emergency plan. You are urged to make every effort to leave the area since we cannot assure your safety in New Orleans under hurricane emergency conditions. Consider the following options for evacuation sheltering outside of New Orleans:

  • Choose a sheltering option far inland and north of Interstate-12.
  • Make reservations at a hotel or motel outside of the storm area.
  • Go to a relative's or friend's house far inland and north of Interstate-12.
  • Go to a Red Cross shelter (Shelter locations are announced by the news media as storms approach the area and evacuation orders are issued).

Note: Please refer to our City-Assisted Evacuation Page for City-Assisted Evacuation

Tell someone outside of the storm area (a family member or friend) where you are going. If you are a student and live on campus, please complete an Evacuation Info Card and register with the staff member at your residence hall front desk.

  • Offer a ride and share sheltering options with other students who need transportation.
  • Leave as soon as possible. Avoid flooded roads and watch for washed-out bridges.

Bring your preassembled hurricane kit and protective clothing. When an evacuation is ordered, you should do everything in your power to comply. Tulane will provide as much notice as possible in helping students make arrangements so that they can provide for their own safety and welfare. For examples of what to bring, please visit this page: