After the Storm

Consult the Alert Line and Emergency website for official information regarding Tulane University on a daily basis. Listen to local news media for other information. Stay where you are if it is safe until authorities give the "all-clear." DO NOT ATTEMPT TO RETURN TO CAMPUS until instructed to do so via the Alert Line and Emergency Website. Use the telephone only for emergency calls; however, be prepared to have telephones if cell phones become inoperative. Contact relatives as soon as possible to let them know where you are and to make necessary plans. Drive only if absolutely necessary and avoid flooded areas.

For Faculty:

  • Contact your department supervisor as soon as possible.
  • If the University is scheduled to be closed for more than 5 days, employees must call the Tulane Employee check-in number: 1-877-TULANE8

In addition, instructions to call the Tulane employee check-in number will be included in emergency messages on Tulane's emergency webpage, emails, and the Tulane Alert line.

  • ┬áProvide your department with the telephone number where you can be reached and the status of you and your family.
  • Call the Tulane Alert Line at least once per day, or check the Tulane emergency website for instructions and important information.
  • DO NOT ATTEMPT TO RETURN TO CAMPUS unless specifically instructed by the Tulane administration or unless the AlertLine Message indicates it is safe to return.
  • Once the University communicates that employees can return to campus, begin assessing the damage to your work area. Report all damage to Risk Management.
  • To the extent possible, separate damaged items from undamaged items. Keep all damaged items until advised by Risk Management.
  • If water damage to electrical equipment is suspected, do not plug in or attempt to start this equipment.
  • Secure all equipment against further damage or theft.
  • Document all expenses.